Release notes for LensKit 0.11

The Git changelog and the list of closed tickets and pull requests provide more information on what has happened, including bugs that have been fixed.

The primary focus of this release is making LensKit use Grapht rather than PicoContainer, with additional refactorings of components to more effectively take advantage of Grapht. We also made significant improvements to how the evaluator works to allow evaluation scripts to be more flexible, and made a number of other improvements and bug fixes.

There are a number of backwards-incompatible changes in this release. Configurations and algorithm implementations will definitely need to be updated; other client code may need updates as well.

General Changes

Algorithm Changes

Component Refactoring

This release contains a lot of algorithm and component refactorings. The public recommender API is unchanged, but many components and their interfaces have changed. This means that custom components and recommender configurations will need to be updated.